Common SEO Mistakes 2023

Source: Common SEO Mistakes 2023

Common SEO mistakes

SEO is the process of orienting your website to rank higher on a search engine in relevant keywords. In order to achieve rank top for your target keyword, you need to do SEO. Here are some of these common SEO mistakes that most of the professionals make and the ways to fix them.

1. Duplicate Content


When it comes to SEO, content is the king. Having unique content which can make audience engaged can help improving the ranking of your website.

2. Not optimized for mobile

Mobile Friendly Websites

It is likely to loose audience if your page is not optimized for mobile devices. By being mobile optimized, the site will reformat itself completely for different devices. So it is important for websites to look good and function well on a variety of  different screen sizes.

3. Neglecting site speed

site speed

Slow site speed can make users to leave the page without accessing the content. This will reduce your website traffic, will in turn affect your website ranking.

4. Broken images and missing alt tags

alternative text

There are instances when the images on your website does not render due to incorrect file path, or the wrong extension used. In such cases alternative text tag describes the content of the image. So always add alt tag to the images as it helps web crawlers to understand the content.

5. Not having website SSL certified

These times, search engines are giving more weight to websites that have a SSL certification. In other words, the website is secured and has the “HTTPS” prefix, will make it more trustworthy to the users.


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