Affordable SEO Packages – SEO Kochi, Kerala

What are SEO Packages?


SEO packages are subscription services offered by SEO Marketing Specialists and companies. They are commonly paid monthly, even though there are also year SEO packages available. They will contain a range of features designed increase the performance of your website on major search engines. Generally, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) practice focus on optimizing pages to rank better through organic traffic. While, visitors from paid traffic come from clicking on advertisement generated on Google Ads.

How does SEO helps in Marketing?


Google handle more than 6 billion searches per day. Higher Ranking on Google Search has the potential to drive significant traffic to your site. Hence, it is important to give more attention to main google ranking factors.

Search Engine Optimization comes with a very steep learning curve and the rules changing constantly. This makes errors unavoidable which can cause dangerous results . Keeping updated with the latest developments is a tedious task. So, SEO package is more cost effective to purchase than assign responsibility to a staff member. 

Choose the right type of SEO Package

SEO Kochi is a reputed company in Ernakulam, Kerala and we provide cheap SEO services. The main services we provide are on page optimization, off page optimization, branding and digital marketing services.


Basic packages comes with price below INR 7000

Entrepreneurs and sole traders looking to improve their web presence– and gain greater insight into search engine performance

Intermediate INR 9000-11,000

SMEs that need assistance with their web marketing, bolstering traffic through search engines and judicious use of keywords

Advanced Above INR 15,000

Larger businesses that need to constantly grow their web presence through SEO, especially if competing with major, multinational rivals

For getting more details about the SEO packages we offer please visit our website.

Source: Cheap SEO Packages – SEO Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala, India


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