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SEOKochi provides you with the expertise of our SEO specialists who do Search Engine Optimization services to your website and make them listed and ranked in the Google search results, thus earning you more visitors into your website. Our SEO specialists are all updated with latest SEO services and algorithms by Google and other relevant search engines. We also ensure that you meet your desired goals for the website and web pages to stay relevant across all search engines, be it Google, Yahoo or Bing at all times. The topmost position in search results will get more clicks and impressions and thereby, more visitors or customers which is a huge businesss opportunity.  The SEOKochi believes that success in SEO is not guaranteed by shortcut and we do not encourage them!  Our strategies are led by our team of experts which helps them in achieving success. If your website is in the top 10 suggestions in the search engine results page, you are more likely to get more clicks and visitors. SEO is categorized into two major types, namely on-page optimization and off-page optimization. So in order to optimize a website, three things are very important. They are:

  1. On-Page Optimization
  • Meta Data
  • Internal Links
  • Content Optimization
  • SEO Friendly Design/Development

2. Off-Page Optimization

  • Link Building
  • Directories
  • Guest Blogs
  • Article Marketing

3. Social Media Optimization

  • Google Plus
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pin interest
  • LinkedIn

How We Work?

We improve your website’s optimization with search engine’s latest terms and conditions. SEOKochi will increase your website’s traffic by implementing our own page optimization techniques.
Our SEO specialists will be analyzing your site as per search engine guidelines and parameters, after which there will be recommendations and other needful activities to solve any major problems. Some of the major optimization works we will be doing are:-

  • Identifying suitable Keywords
  • Analysis of competitors and suggestion of keywords
  • Optimization of Meta Tags
  • Content Optimization
  • Keywords Density
  • Search engines submission
  • Optimization of image
  • Creation of Robots.txt
  • Sitemap Creation
  • H1, H2 Tags
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Site Navigation Issues, etc.

As a result of our SEO techniques, your goal will be made a reality. Choose SEOKochi today!


Top 5 SEO Tips For Resorts – Fast Guide For Better Rankings

Source: SEO For Resorts – Fast Guide For Better Rankings

SEO For Resorts

Table Of Content:

  • Why SEO is essential for resorts?
  • Top 5 SEO tips for resorts
  • Conclusion

Why SEO is essential for Resorts ?

By implementing SEO services for the business can helps to increases ranking performance as higher, generate more quality traffic source, leading direct bookings to your website. As a leading expert of Cochin based SEO Services, SEO Kochi is the foremost source for SEO for Resorts. SEO can helps your website ranking higher, also increases awareness about your website. # 1 SEO can build credibility and trust # 2 gives 24/7 promotion # 3 improves site visitor experience # 4 generate direct traffic to your website # 5 leads to quality rankings and enhance booking.

Top 5 SEO Tips for Resorts :

  • Keyword Research : Keyword research is helps you to finding keywords that you want for rank in search engines. Also enhances more visitors entering to your website. Target location- specific keyword. Here, mainly 3 types of Keywords that you might have used: 1) primary keyword 2) secondary keyword 3) Long-tail keywords.
  • Target on title tags : The portion look like headline is SEO title. In short, SEO title tag one among the essential part of SEO strategy. Google scan these title to find out contents included in each page, so you must target on your SEO title tag.
  • Point Up your Resort Location: Most essential way to get around keyword competition is by focusing location-based keyword. Now, most of the searches are location-based a hosting server location does impact your website speed and SEO rankings.
  • Focus on Content Marketing : Content marketing is key essential factor for resorts business strategy. Blog post, newsletters, videos as marketing tools can catch the attention from researchers. In addition, to create trustworthy and relationship with your audience.
  • Clear meta description : A good meta description for resorts is an essential part of SEO strategy, it makes visitors click on Search engine result page. A good meta description doesn’t need length, but provide quick and fresh clean summary about the page. Meta description shouldn’t be exceeding over 150 characters long.

Conclusion :

All of these above mentioned things are enhances the fast rankings on SERP. Our SEO Kochi team always put continuous efforts to maintain direct bookings and ranking on website.

What are the different types of SEO – SEO Kochi


Introduction to SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and can be described as a process of improving the quality of website, which will lead to increased number of visitors and getting better rank in Google SERP. SERP or Search Engine Results Page, are responses by search engine to the user’s query. The main objective of SEO is to get better rank in Google SERP. Better the rank of website is, probability of getting displayed in the first section of the search result is big. Therefore, webmasters do various different types of SEO to get a better result.


The various types of SEO are:-

1. On-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO

On-page SEO (also known as On-site SEO) refers to optimizing both contents and HTML source codes of a website. On-site SEO helps search engines to look at websites and interpret it the same way a human would and would calculate what value it would get for a user. For example, the same way a human would reject a website which has grammatical or spelling mistakes, search engines would do the same and rank it low in Google SERP.

2. Off-Page SEO

What is Off-page seo

Off-page SEO (also known as Off-site SEO) are actions taken outside the webpage. The objective of Off-page SEO is to increase the webpage’s popularity by external means, such as social media marketing, linking or promoting your website, and experienced users vouching for the quality. This would improve the user’s perception and also three pillars of SEO; relevance, trust, and authority.

3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO

As the name suggests, technical SEO refers to technical elements, such as website and server optimisation that help search engine spiders to crawl and index your website in an effective manner.  Technical SEO checklists can include secure connection and fast connection to website being mobile friendly. For example, mobile users are growing day by day and if your website is not optimised for mobile users, search engines will prioritise other websites which are mobile-friendly over your website.

4. Local SEO


Local SEO focuses more on local businesses and helps them to be more visible in local search results. Any businesses that have a physical location or have a great importance to geographic area can benefit greatly from Local SEO.

For example, if you are in a certain location and search for “restaurants nearby”, you will get a set of three restaurants along with their locations. In order to get ranked here, website optimisation and the popularity of the business is important.

5. International SEO

What is International SEO

International SEO helps in businesses to get recognised internationally. It is similar to Local SEO, but differs in terms of scale. To put it in another way, expanding your products and services to other countries and catering according to their needs and culture would result in increased conversation rates and success of your business.

6. E-Commerce SEO

What is eCommerce SEO

E-commerce SEO refers to the optimisation of e-commerce websites which will result in increased rankings for those websites. Getting a better position in SERP will result in increased customer traffic to your e-commerce sites and increased conversion rates.

Obtain Google Ranking Dominance With a Professional Medical SEO Agency

Digital marketing tactics are always changing. You’re losing business if your hospital, multi-location practise, or other healthcare organisation doesn’t adapt with them. Our skilled team of healthcare SEO analysts, SEO copywriters, and SEO-savvy developers has the knowledge you need to keep up with the latest trends, engage audiences with high intent, outrank rivals, and boost revenue.


The healthcare sector, the customer journey, organic SEO, and developing engaging user experiences that produce ROI are all areas in which Healthcare Success excels. In accordance with Google’s algorithm updates, we’ll work hand in hand with your internal team to audit, analyze, optimize, track, and continuously improve your website.

The essential first step is to conduct a thorough audit. Through this audit, we can assess your current SEO efforts, make immediate, high-impact changes, and develop a comprehensive project plan to increase page rank and visibility right away.

Technical SEO
Technical SEO requires ongoing management to keep up with the constantly evolving needs of search engine algorithms, so it’s crucial to have an expert SEO architect committed to increasing your site’s visibility. Included in our technical SEO services are:

  1. Website design Navigation
  2. HTML coding
  3. responsiveness on mobile
  4. Syntactic marking (schema)
  5. URL structure for site navigation
  6. Site safety (HSTS)
  7. speeded-up mobile pages (AMP)
  8. Availability of the site
  9. internal ties
  10. content improvement

Content Promotion
With new, pertinent content that is optimised with keywords that are important to your company, our medical SEO agency will increase organic visibility and enhance conversion rates. Our team of healthcare SEO copywriters will conduct a thorough competitive analysis with the help of our senior SEO specialist and director of content to quickly find, evaluate, and prioritise the keywords your audience is using. Additionally, we’ll carry out keyword research to seize the most important opportunities without sacrificing the calibre or purpose of your content.

Having regularly updated, pertinent content that is optimised for keyphrases important to your business means:
Improved conversion rates and a higher organic page rank
additional indexing
for Google to index, more keywords on more pages
greater influence in your industry

Regional SEO
We recognise the value of consistent, accurate information in helping you reach out to your local audience and gain their trust. No matter how many locations you have, our healthcare SEO analysts can help your business become more visible. Your company’s information will be reviewed, synchronized, scaled, and optimised across pertinent directories and patient review websites.

SEO off-page
Healthcare Success is aware that off-page SEO is more than just getting random websites to link to your website; it’s also about getting reputable websites to link to your high-quality content. We set up and optimise your website with SEO content and offer shrewd tactics to acquire citations and high-quality backlinks.

On a strong foundation of technical SEO tactics and content marketing strategies, we built the Healthcare Success website. Throughout the history of our agency, higher organic rankings have been significantly boosted by our technical SEO and top-notch content marketing efforts.

Source: Healthcare SEO Agency-SEO Services for Medical Organizations

What to expect while hiring an SEO company

SEO professionals can help your business rank higher on search engines and reach more leads online. Knowing what to expect when you hire an SEO professional is essential before investing in SEO services. In order to maximize the value of your plan, you should follow these tips.

The following are some of the benefits you can expect from SEO KochI:

Checking the SEO of your website: We analyze your site’s current SEO strategy when you sign up for SEO services. Your website will be analyzed, along with site analytics. Our SEO experts will use this analysis to develop a comprehensive campaign tailored to your business’s specific needs.

Research on keywords: Your website will appear in relevant search results for your business if you use the right keywords. If you choose to work with us, we will supply you with a comprehensive keyword research plan to help you determine the best keywords for your website to rank for so you can attract the most traffic.

Creativity in content: The more keywords you include in your content, the more likely you are to attract interest to your page. Content takes on many forms, including blog posts, videos, infographics, eBooks, and infographics, which are all examples of content. In order to drive more traffic to your site, we will provide you with a comprehensive and diverse content marketing plan based on your requirements.

Acceleration of the page: You will not be able to keep leads on your website if your site does not load quickly. In order for leads to access information quickly, you have to ensure that the page loads quickly on the lead’s browser. You can improve your website load time with SEO Kochi by optimizing your images, reducing unnecessary code, and reducing redirects.

Designing responsively: There are different types of devices users use to access your website. We at SEO Kochi understand that a website needs to be responsive so that all users are able to have an enjoyable experience whether they are using a tablet, a smartphone, or a desktop computer.

Our SEO experts provide a variety of services, as you can see. To drive more traffic to your business, we implement comprehensive SEO campaigns. For more information, visit Affordable digital marketing services

SEO services for beauty parlour- SEO Services Providers

Source: SEO services for beauty parlour- SEO Services Providers

How Beneficial Are SEO Services for Beauty Parlour?

SEO services for beauty parlour

Do you plan to use SEO services for Beauty Parlour? People search for nearby beauty parlors online whenever they require a new hairdo or a facial to discover everything about those with the top reviews and ratings. Find comparable to you, right? According to a study, nearly 90% of consumers think internet users are likely to locate salons in their neighborhoods. Yes, verbal advertising benefits your business. However, utilizing SEO services for beauty parlor could alter how your business functions entirely.

Benefits of robust SEO services for beauty salon

  • Surpass your adversary

Because they don’t use SEO services, most tiny startups typically have terrible Google rankings. The major portion of Google’s top-ranked businesses depends on an SEO team to keep their online rankings. Start spending money on SEO strategies to keep your website’s ranking on Google and stay far ahead of your direct rivals.

  • Achieve the most profits at the most reasonable costs

Beauty salons frequently find themselves having to spend more on advertising than they had planned. In addition, if improperly used, there is only a slight guarantee of ROI. Because of this, you can use SEO services to get certain advantages at a fair price.

  • Garner more customers to your salon

The most recent study found that, after looking online for nearby salon establishments, about 70% of customers visit their local salon. You may be at ease realizing that the efficiency will increase and draw in more potential customers as a result.

  • Entice the appropriate clients

You must be an SEO expert if you want to attract the most compatible clients to your salon. People who live close to your salon or who need a particular grooming treatment that your salon offers, need to be able to find your online site. These clients can have a bigger impact on your salon’s business than the clients who fly in. Therefore, increase your chances of luring in the correct clients and make it easier for them to make a buying decision.

  • Maximize your advantages

Website optimization may help your beauty salon’s long-term success. There is no doubt that a client will visit your parlor whenever they require beauty services once they discover it to be the most suitable and receive the top beauty treatments and services. Monitor the effectiveness of your website to retain both current and prospective customers.

How to Promote Business Using Local SEO?



Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy used to boost a business online. It is a set of practices that are used to improve the ranking of the website on search engines. A website with a better ranking will be visible at the top of the search engine result page and it increases the organic traffic to the website. If the website gets more traffic and visitors, It also gets more customers.

SEO is a time-consuming process and also needs regular effort. But the result is very satisfying and it will last for long period. Because it does not have a subscription period like Ads. It is an affordable way for online marketing. The websites visible on the top of the SERP may seem more trustworthy websites.

SEO includes many optimization strategies such as On-page optimization, Off-page optimization, Technical optimization, etc.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a process that helps to improve the visibility and ranking of your website based on location-based searches. It is an important part of the SEO strategy. It helps us to get more visits and customers from a particular location.

Today many people search for finding local businesses or services they need. more searches on google are based on a local intent. People want to search for the “best restaurants near me”, “boutique near me”, “mobile shop in Kochi”, etc. Google also provides personalized search results based on the location, past searches, and understanding of the intent of users automatically.

For local SEO, focus well on the keywords that people used for a location-based search. Optimize the website considering both Google and the user. Always update your name, local address, and phone number provided on the website. Local reviews also help to get listed on local search results. Effective local SEO strategies will help your website to get visible in the local searches. Local customers plays a major role in the development of the majority of businesses.

Local SEO is more beneficial to businesses mainly focusing on a particular local area.  One of the main examples of this type of business is hotels. Because people always want to search keywords such as ‘hotels near me, ‘seafood restaurants in Kochi’, etc. Everyone has mobile devices and always searches for whenever they want. Local SEO will be very helpful for this type of business because they are focusing on local customers. If your business is listed on local searches, this will result in getting more visits and the visitors can be potential customers. Moreover, this will result in a local awareness or local branding of your business.

For more details and SEO services follow the below link.

Affordable SEO services – The Best SEO Company Kerala – SEO Services Providers


The Best Professional SEO Services Kochi

Source: The Best Professional SEO Services Kochi

Professional SEO Services Kochi

Professional SEO Services

As a professional SEO service these services formulate a very effective game plan with an in-depth analysis of your website and the option to customize it your needs. With these search engine optimization services, it does a lot of keyword ranking, great website optimization and, most importantly a strong online customers can  find you potential customers can find you . Highly skilled teams has been engaged to implement these services. The skilled team of SEO services has the ability to do that. And they guarantee to be with you at every speed of the SEO journey. Connect the local important of your web pages to search engines. These services use a variety of technologies, strategies and tool to enhance your local presence online.

Brand awareness is the best advantage businesses enjoy when their products and services are found easily in top search engine results. When you can hang there on top, you can establish the leadership. Through SEO your website visits increase and there is a high chance to hit the social buttons and follow them. Additionally your social link can appear on top search results and support social media promotion. 

Functions of SEO Services

SEO Services

  • Analyze and review websites using SEO capabilities and optimize them as search engines  choose.
  • Increases traffic to a website by developing content with appropriate keywords and styles. 
  • Content is updated regularly.
  • Alt tags are used.
  • Be found at the right time, with the right rank. 
  • Builds trust and credibility and increases engagement, eventually resulting in more conversations.

The main reason for hiring an SEO service is to improve your website. These services have well trained staffs with expertise in professional SEO services and the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the marketing goals of a business.


Affordable SEO Company India – SEO Services Providers

Source: Affordable SEO Company India – SEO Services Providers

Affordable SEO Company in India

SEO Company India

We provide affordable seo services India to clients all across the globe. When you enroll for affordable SEO services in India, you hold the power to grow your business and create the kind of financial future that your company dreams of. With a small upfront investment, your business can enjoy benefits that will continue to multiply and continue to expand. Professional Digital Marketing Services are not always costly, and expensive services are not always successful.

We work hard to strike the perfect balance between affordability and consistency. We specializes in combining the best of all words: manual and automated processes. The manual approach brings a personal touch and rationale to each technique, while the other approach encourages one to analyse and compare the customers.

With the growing dependence of virtual network, every company needs to build a strong foothold in its respective market. Getting prospective clients and keeping their focus all the time is the secret to commercial growth. As a result, ranking at the top of popular search engines becomes much more relevant. Understanding that every business has a different set of challenges and unique requirements, we deliver custom and affordable SEO services that meet specific needs.

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a process of utilizing various techniques, strategies and tactics to increase the amount of visitors to a website or increasing the visibility of the website by obtaining a high-rank placement in the search results page of a search engine including Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Depending on your goals and needs, we provide the below mentioned services which suit to your website. Presently we are the best SEO Company in India.

Smartest Ways to Generate your Business Leads- SEO Kochi

Source: Smartest Ways to Generate your Business Leads- SEO Kochi

What is Lead Generation?

lead generation

By definition, “people with an honest interest in a product or service to a particular business are considered to be a lead. Acquiring leads is one of the main objectives of any business”. Not everyone is a lead, as people might have different preferences and needs. In modern times, there are various strategies used for raising more leads. Such as

  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Networking
  • Coupons
  • Live Events
  • Seminars
  • Website Landing Pages

Using these strategies helps you to attract potential customers to the product or service you sell.

Lead Generation Stages

  • Stage 1- Analysis and planning
  • Stage 2- Research
  • Stage 3- Message
  • Stage 4- Pre Targeting
  • Stage 5- Landing Pages
  • Stage 6- Email Sequences and Phone Calling
  • Stage 7- Reporting
  • Stage 8- Analysis and Planning

What is Small Business Lead Generation?

lead generation

In small businesses, lead generation is done through deploying different strategies to build or make interest in the product or service. The main purpose is to attract those people who are interested in the product or service.

Lead Generation Ideas for Small Business

lead generation ideas

Now we are going to discuss some of the ideas for lead generating.

  • Do basic local SEO

In order to generate leads, the customers should be familiar with your business. The best way for this is to create your own website on Google.

  1. Register your business in Google My business directory listing
  2. Do SEO across the pages of your website
  3. Optimize the page with meta description
  4. Add your business to local directories
  5. Encourage customers to post reviews
  • Publish a blog

A blog can communicate with people on daily bases about your product and it is a huge advantage. A blog contains articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc. This is mainly to create content that provides answers to the customers.

  • Get active on social media

Share content through social media which can be helpful for your preferred customers. The second step is to identify those social media channels for your customers prefer which enable you to get more conversions. Finally, promote your social media channel everywhere as much as you can.

  • Run paid search Ads

Advertise your product through Google ads and explore the opportunities offered. Also, keep in mind that refine your tactics to reduce pay-per-click costs.